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Scott Kennedy

Scott is a certified laser/light specialist and health coach. In 2018, he started the first light therapy wellness center in New Jersey where he meet with clients from all walks of life, all ages, and with the gambit of issues: marathon runners with shin splints; bodybuilders with chronic shoulder pain;  weekend warriors with back tightness; and those suffering from autoimmune diseases, neuropathies, concussions, skin issues, anxiety, and depression.

He began his journey when he suffered from peripheral neuropathy. He saw countless doctors and tried countless remedies with only limited relief. He went from running ultra marathons and boxing to being sedentary. He couldn’t even wear socks and shoes without burning pain and inflammation. If you are a person that uses physical activity to alleviate stress like him,  you know the inability to be as active as he wanted to be contributed to increased stress, anxiety, and depression.

Needless to say, he was more than skeptical when he began using light therapy. The change took time but was incredible! Within 4 months of treatment, his symptoms decreased by over 80%. The improvements he felt from light therapy were life-altering. He is now back to running and boxing and living life. His goal is to now help others get back to doing what they enjoy in life, without pain, and without meds.

He began LightpathLED home use panels for his clients who couldn’t see him on a regular basis or for those who were just too far away from his wellness center. He researched for months to find the right manufacturer that could take his ideas for wavelengths, power, size as well as his demands for safety and quality, and put together the best panel on the market. 


LightpathLED now has panels that surpass the competition at a lower price point as well as panels with multiple wavelengths and pulsing, which no other company is doing. So whether you’re coming in for specialized treatment, or using our home use panels, his commitment is to your health and safety while keeping your budget in mind.


 IG: @lightpathled


Listen now to Episode 19

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