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Robyn & Karen

Robyn is an Emmy® award-winning producer and leader in content development. For 20 years she worked for Oprah Winfrey, collaborating with some of the most brilliant thought leaders of our time to create programming that has impacted millions. She led creative teams, oversaw the development of digital platforms and television production, and created immersive experiences with the intention of transforming lives.

After a series of spiritual synchronicities in 2019, Robyn’s life was forever changed. Since then she's become Spiritual Coach, Intuitive and Spiritual Medium. Robyn is committed to helping people connect with their mind, body and spirit. In August 2020 she launched the podcast, "Seeking Center" on all platforms. In addition, she launched her Spiritual Coaching business to assist others on their healing and transformational journeys. 

Karen is a media executive at Discovery Networks. She is also a seasoned television and digital Executive Producer and the best-selling author of  “LifeMapping: Decoding the Blueprint of your Soul” which is available on Amazon.


Karen is obsessed with finding new mediums to create and share stories to inspire and uplift our souls. Her dream is to create a world-wide digital platform that will feed and satisfy passionate seekers who want to explore, learn, share and embrace life’s big questions.

Learn more about Robyn & Karen here:

@seekingcenterofficial @seekingcenterrobyn

Listen now to Episode 34

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