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My “Journey to Bliss…” or something like that, “ is what has evolved from the daily process of getting to know myself.  It began through the arts, dancing, acting, writing, even painting at times… being creative was my outlet for whatever I was feeling at the time.  


I was active in sports from a young age as well, which I think is what got me so involved in fitness, as I was super competitive and was always striving to be the better.  I wish I could say my drive to healthy eating came from the desire to be just that, Healthy; but,  I was a teenage girl who once I hit puberty, began what would become the endless struggle with my weight. Hence, my journey into self-acceptance began as well.  

This not only included my physical well-being, but my spiritual well-being. This initially led me into Yoga, Meditation along with my own personal library of spiritual and self-help books, along with journeys and explorations to take me deeper into my understanding.

I have found as I have gotten older, staying truly healthy and vibrant not only relies on physical health and well-being, but spiritual cleansing as well. Going from a girl in her teens that played sports,  danced, dieted and searched for something more than what she was finding in her daily world. To then moving to LA in my 20’s, on my own, acting, dancing, obsessively exercising, partying, barely eating, overeating,  but managing to pray/meditate along the way… kept me sane.

I became a mom at 29, the absolute best thing that has ever happened to me.  I got married, quickly divorced and found my way venturing into a whole new world of independence with someone who solely depended on me.  Exercise, healthy living and spirituality took on a whole new meaning.  It helped me keep my sanity on a daily basis as a single working mom.  I have always had a desire to be of service, to share what I have learned along the way, which I feel has always kept me working in the health/fitness,  wellness and spiritual world.


Now, I find myself in a new place along this same journey. Recently separated again, solely taking care of my son and truly feeling like I am in a really great place. It might not look that impressive to the outside world, but I have grown so much over the past few months and I have truly found an acceptance of myself through what seems at times like an endless journey.

Overall wellness is a complete lifestyle now. My fitness/health is about taking care of myself, my son, feeling good and being inspired on a daily basis. I also hope to inspire others through all that I do. I also have found a tool called Human Design that was able to fill in the blanks for me about why I am the way I  am and why I move through life the way I do.  


The discovery of my Human Design allowed me to fill in the blanks and truly understand why I am the way I  am, and why I move through life the way I do.  As a Self-Projected Projector, I  use my voice to not only process, but to contribute, inspire and be of service in this world. I feel this is why teaching, and working with clients one-on-one and in groups has always resonated with me to help facilitate their growth, expansion and evolution.

I have found a huge part of my journey has been one of self-awareness, self-love and always striving to grow. studying from the best gurus along the way, reading so many books and implementing the different Movement and Ritual practices into my life.  By discovering and cultivating my own Unique design,  I now want to share on a bigger level.  


By adding to the mix wellness retreats, I get to share my beautiful travels and healing experiences with others.  As a lifestyle coach and Human Design reader, I get to guide and assist people in up-leveling on their own journey.   As a writer and artist, I get to share my experiences and express myself in a creative way.  As a mother, I get to lead by example and this I have to say is the most important thing to me.

Find your Journey
to Bliss and Explore your design.
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