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If you were to ask anyone who knows me how they’d describe me, they’d likely say, “super-positive, optimistic and happy-go-lucky”. And although I don’t always feel that way, from very early on, I have felt that I’ve embodied these characteristics intuitively and naturally.


Like Noel, my bliss has manifested in my life, while in the process of getting to know myself, in growing and evolving. My continued journey has taught me the powerful lesson of gratitude, as gratitude is key. Originally from Venezuela, my family decided to start a new chapter and migrated to the United States in 1992.  


I lived in South Florida for over 20 years before deciding to move to California, in 2017. I am thankful to say that being here has led me to building really wonderful and amazing friendships, and have been blessed with finding the love of my life.  So my move to the west coast has certainly been one of the best decisions I made for myself!


Prior to moving to Cali, I had gone through so many experiences: the move from a foreign country, the challenge of learning a new language, the loss of a sibling, adolescence, love, heartbreak, career changes, travel, etc. And yet, despite the ups and downs, my natural positive mindset kept me going- made things smoother.


I was also very fortunate to have a good friend introduce me to The Teachings of Abraham Hicks through the book “ Ask and it is Given”, which completely changed me. I started to understand and apply what was unknown, and yet intuitive to me then. I began to consciously focus on and choose what feels good, as the Law of Attraction is a natural law- like attracts like.  


The frequency we emit is in turn what we receive. For me, it really came down to a practice of gratitude and being grateful for every experience.

After going through a career change and finding myself in need of a creative outlet, I created and wrote a children’s book called "Yes, You Can! Said the Toucan" as a direct message to my inner child in conquering one's fears.


I felt the need to share this message with young readers to positively influence them in their own moments of fear and uncertainty.  I started this project when I was living in Florida, but ended up completing it and publishing it this past year. Like many, I went to college, got a job… was really good at my job too, but I found myself craving the need to be creative and to be more in-tune with my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual body.  


I have always been creative through singing and dancing, and found myself diving into the fitness world because of dance, leading me to become a Zumba and Stretch Flex instructor. In turn, being a fitness instructor opened up a new opportunity for me to get involved with Pilates.


This is where Noel and I bonded, as we found ourselves aligning with so many of the same things. Three years later, here we are… Ready for this new adventure, where we get to share with you topics we are both passionate about, with the intention of sending a positive message while diving into wellness, spirituality, self-love, alignment and how life evolves along the way.

Cheers to us all finding and fulfilling our very own Bliss Projects- together!



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