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Lori Vajda

Lori Vajda, MSW, Founder, and CEO of GB Brand Partners, and co-founder of Sticky Brand Lab. She is convergent but prefers multi-hyphenated and multi-faceted because that is what she believes we all are. Just like you, the whole of who she is is made up of all her life, career, and personal experiences. Gratefully, those experiences have guided her to where she is today.

For more than a decade, she has been infusing her background as a therapist, dating coach, and content creator into all of her entrepreneurial endeavors including being a podcaster. Now she shares her knowledge and experience with professional women to inspire, empower, support, and help guide their badassery decision to create a personal enterprise and brave an entrepreneurial journey. She invites you to get to know her by listening to the Sticky Brand Lab podcast and connecting with her on LinkedIn.


Listen now to Episode 13

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