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Kristi is a reinvention strategist, empowerment coach, artist, maker, designer, and creative catalyst for companies, teams and individuals looking to transform their impact, messaging, mindsets, and lives. She is also an inspirational speaker, international best-selling author, and podcaster with a focus on living your best life on your own terms. No matter the channel, Kristi works closely with clients to identify roadblocks, zero in on their unique essence and soul, inspire creative action, and build an intentional roadmap to breathe life into any vision.


Every facet of her work strives to help unlock possibility and is rooted in creative thinking, collaboration, community, intention, and self-expression. Relying on the dynamic principles of the design process, gentle yet effective techniques for radical self-care and rapid transformation, and her deep belief that creativity always saves the day, Kristi creates the safe space within which ideas grow, voices raise, joy and play resumes, and intentional action flows in with ease. She guides individuals to safely dig into what is in their way, empowering them to find their golden thread, to create, reinvent, test, and rebound like a boss and ultimately grow the confidence to find their voice inside and boldly live it out loud. 


Kristi offers 1:1 and team coaching packages, creative workshops and intensives, monthly masterminds, and consults with entrepreneurs and companies to harness the power of innovation and creative alchemy to realize the visions they desire. Book a discovery call here to find out more.


The Hell Yes! Habit Podcast

IG: @k_nellor

FB: knellor

IN: Kristi Nellor


Listen now to Episode 27

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