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Jelena Trifunovic

Jelena grew up in Serbia and moved to the US at the start of the Yugoslav war in the early 1990s. Always drawn to nature, Jelena studied biology and became a science teacher to at-risk youth in South Central Los Angeles. She enjoyed sharing her love of science and nature with students of all ages, which eventually led her to teach at the university level. After the passing of her mother in 2016, Jelena felt inspired to follow her passion for floral design and launched Viola Floral. Her combined love for flowers, design, education, and the beauty of life, has inspired her to continuously reinvent how we experience flowers.

“My journey as a florist originated in my family’s kitchen. I recall spending countless holidays and family events arranging flowers with my mom, sharing stories, sipping wine, laughing, and blooming with love and joy. Although she’s no longer beside me, our bond lives on through flowers. For me, Viola Floral pays homage to the women who raise us and uplift us, through all walks of life. Like flowers, they continually remind us to live in full bloom.” 

Viola Floral is a luxury floral design studio in Los Angeles. Drawing inspiration from the best each season has to offer, Viola Floral creates custom florals and experiences that bring events to life and invite clients to live in full bloom. Viola Floral specializes in arrangements and bouquets, floral design classes, bespoke gift boxes, events, and floral experiences for brands and partners.

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