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Cristy Powers

Cristy is a certified Holistic Health Coach and author.


After placing Lupus and Hashimoto's in remission, she helps clients with autoimmune conditions to discover optimal health naturally. On her blog,, she provides free holistic wellness tips and anti-inflammatory recipes to empower the autoimmune community. Her book "Roadmap to Autoimmune Remission" shares her own journey with autoimmune diseases; the mindset, tools, and recipes that led her to optimal health. Cristy offers a free consultation which can be booked on her website and she can also be found over on Instagram. 

She believes that healing is a journey and includes more than just a dietary approach. In fact, it’s an entire lifestyle. It is her personal mission to spread the message that healing is possible and not an unattainable, elusive, lonely path.
Sharing disease preventative wellness tips and recipes, exploring spirituality, and encouraging creativity to discover inner health is Cristy’s passion and an absolute delight to share with you all, along with an occasional travel excursion thrown in!

When she is not coaching, writing, crafting new recipes, or public speaking, you will find her trail running, teaching Pilates, living up to the name of “Crazy Auntie” and planning the next adventure on her bucket list.


 IG: @Powersbeing


Listen now to Episode 22

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