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Bridget Aileen Sicsko

Bridget Aileen is the founder of Exalted Publishing House, a podcaster and a sales coach.  She helps successful entrepreneurs with a spiritual backbone stand out and be featured as leaders in their industry by sharing powerful stories, writing best-selling books and gaining global recognition.  Bridget believes in the power of words, stories and voices to shift our view of reality, our potential and our purpose on the planet. Bridget has been featured in Formidable Woman Magazine, Authority Magazine, Women’s Business Daily, Thrive Global, The Medium, on Ticker News, RVN TV, News 12 New York and several podcasts. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and her border collie beagle, Finn.


She Builds Empires Podcast

IG: @bridgetaileensicsko

Listen now to Episode 28

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