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Welcome to The Bliss Project!

We decided to start this podcast to share topics and information we are passionate about, and our intention is to share a positive message as we dive into wellness, spirituality, self-love, alignment and how life evolves along the way... And while having fun, of course.

So join us as we connect, explore and grow with one another... and you!

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  • "I like smiling... smiling's my favorite".

  • I'm originally from Venezuela & lived in Florida, prior to living in LA.

  • I truly enjoy being out in nature, traveling and experiencing all that life has to offer.

  • Love and gratitude are my guides, and are what I aim to embody everyday.


  • I am a mom to an Amazing 16 year old Human and 8 year old Pup.

  • Human Design is a passion and a gift I get to share with others... As an intuitive and Guide.

  • I believe Overall Expansion in Spiritual and Physical Wellness are key to Up-leveling in this life. It's all about the Journey.

  • I absolutely love to make playlists for every occasion or season in my life.

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