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Welcome to The Bliss Project!

We decided to start this podcast to share topics and information we are passionate about, and our intention is to share a positive message as we dive into wellness, spirituality, self-love, alignment and how life evolves along the way... And while having fun, of course.

So join us as we connect, explore and grow with one another... and you!

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Noel and Mariana met in 2018 while working at a pilates studio in Santa Monica, CA. In their own fitness careers and life journeys, they quickly connected and became friends, and in both going through major transitions in their lives, they found each other to be a beautiful support system.


In 2020, during the middle of the pandemic, they decided to take a road trip together, along with Noel's son and pup, to Sedona, AZ which inspired the idea and birth of The Bliss Project Podcast.


Their continued journey of growth and expansion has through the years, led them to many connections and relationships with past and future guests, and their desire to share these inspirational stories as the guiding force for their podcast. 

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